9to5Mac Watch Time podcast featuring yours truly

I had a great time chatting about Apple Watch and health and fitness with Zac Hall from 9to5Mac on this excellent podcast. We covered a whole range of topics relating to Apple and sports tech. Check out the show notes for a full list or why not have a listen while on the treadmill today :)

Any questions or follow up let me know in comments or contact me directly.

And as part of this podcast, I am giving away a copy of my ebook: “How to train like an IronMan with Apple Watch” for anyone who sponsors me for my 10k swim on September 15th. It’s for a great charity called Level Water - they help disabled children learn to swim for so they can gain self-esteem and change their life.

Sponsor me here - then email me at Ian@theAppleWatchTriathlete.com for a free copy.

Many thanks Zac for inviting me on this podcast!



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