How to Train like an IronMan with Apple Watch - ebook

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How to Train like an IronMan with Apple Watch - ebook

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Tips, Tricks and Insights from a two time IronMan

If you’ve wondered how good Apple Watch really is for fitness, then you could do worse than try and train for an IronMan Triathlon using one.

If you don’t know what a full IronMan involves then listen up:  It’s a 2.4 mile open water swim, followed by a 112 mile bike ride and then after that, you run a full 26.2 mile marathon.  That’s quite a day of effort!

And to get to a fitness level that allows you to even just complete one,  you will need to train for a minimum of 24 weeks, but in reality it could even be double that.

For Swimmers, Cyclists, Runners & Triathletes

And that’s what Ian Blackburn did using Apple Watch.  Just to be clear, Ian is not a lifetime athlete, he has a family and a job and he is not out to break any records or make it to the world championship in Kona, Hawaii!  

Ian did this because he wants to be fit and healthy, and loose a little weight, like we all do  And he used Apple Watch because other triathletes said it wouldn’t be possible - go buy a dedicated sport watch they said!

But Ian completed IronMan Wales on September 9th this year, in a time of 15 hours and 33 minutes and he got the absolute maximum out of Apple Watch during the years worth of training for it.

And for anyone with an Apple Watch who wants to be fit and healthy

Now let me ask you - if you want to get a bit fitter through running, swimming or cycling, maybe even a triathlon, and you have an Apple Watch, who would be an ideal person to help you get there?  

Or if you already do triathlons but use a dedicated sports watch and are fed up of having both that AND Apple Watch on your wrists, then Ian has gathered all his knowledge from the last year and put it in a digital book for you to benefit from.

Everything Covered in Detail

Ian covers all the three triathlon sports, swimming in indoor pools and open water, cycling on the road and training at home (and even some cycling commuting tips) and running both on a treadmill and outside on the road or trail.  And there are details of strength and conditioning work, including using indoor rowers.

Ian examines the standard Apple Workout app and recommends third party apps where the Apple one may fall short.  He describes how to get your data into other platforms such as Strava and Training Peaks, and how to understand the Health app and the hidden data and depths it provides (such as Heart Rate Variability and VO2 Max)  He covers closing your rings and sharing and competing with others using the Apple Activity app.

Includes 4 free triathlon training plans

Included in this book are 4 free training plans from 8 to 24 weeks for Sprint/Olympic/Half IronMan and Full IronMan triathlons, provided by his coach John Rowland.  Professionally designed training plans can in themselves cost at least $100 each but these are available to anyone who buys this ebook.

Access to private Slack group

Purchasing the book will also give you access to a private Slack group to discuss tips and tricks with other keen Apple Watch Triathletes. Developers welcome too, perhaps we can help build some world class health and fitness apps for Apple Watch.

Covers Apple Watch Series 3 and 4

Ian has used all Apple Watch versions, but it was with series 3 that he first began using it in anger for Triathlon Training. The new series 4 watch is covered in this book too.