Nice - you can use Wallet on Apple Watch for IronMan Registration

Not sure how unique this is but thought it was cool that after paying for registration for IronMan Wales (and presumably any IronMan) you get the option of adding your registration to your Apple Wallet.

Just tap the "Add to Apple Wallet" button at the bottom of the email (you seem to be able to do this on a desktop or iOS device)

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 13.10.35.png

And the registration card will be added to your Wallet app on iPhone... 


And also on your Apple Watch - cool.


Presumably, this means when I turn up for registration I'll be able to just flash my watch at the friendly staff and get my goodie bag, race number, and transponder without hassle...we'll see.  

To be fair it's usually pretty well organised for most events, but this perhaps adds a little more security and is a little less hassle, though I am interested to see if they actually have the QR code scanners or phones available to scan the codes - I've never seen that level of technology at registration before, it's usually a big peice of paper with names on that get a tick placed next to them.

Having said that, hopefully, it's a better experience than using Apple Watch at British Airways boarding gates where they have designed their scanners to work nicely when slipping your phone underneath but make you contort your arm and wrist to an impossible angle when using Apple Watch.  As the chap behind me said when I tried it: "That was almost really cool"