Twelve South have made an Armband for Apple Watch and its great for kettlebells and weights

If you have ever tried using Apple Watch when using KettleBells you'll probably be aware of the worry of the KettleBell swinging over your hand and smashing your watch to pieces.  I have tried to resolve this by wearing a sweatband over the watch or trying to move it up my arm a bit.

However, there is now a nicer solution from Twelve South - the Action Sleeve - it seems like a strange idea at first, but for this scenario, it's pretty handy.

There's not much to say about how it works, and the box comes with a handy guide printed inside (see the image), but essentially, pop your Apple Watch in and strap it to your arm, making sure Apple Watch stays flush against your arm so that the heart rate monitor can work effectively.  It's comfortable and easily adjustable with a Velcro-like strap.

After that, you simply start the Apple Workout app or your app of choice for your strength and conditioning (there are many) and begin the hard work.  Everything works as expected including the screen coming on with "wrist detection" as you raise your arm so you can see the display (or just tap the screen of course)

It comes in red and black for 42mm and 38mm and is available directly from Twelve South's website here:

And just to be clear - I paid for my own band and receive no commission or payment from Twelve South in any way.  This is just the first armband I have seen for Apple Watch and one that I thought would be of interest for those of you who can fit in strength and conditioning into your weekly plan.