Share your Activity with me on Apple Watch


Share and sledge

I've heard a few people say that they don't have anyone to share their activity with on Apple Watch.  

I feel your pain - my list is looking a bit short too!

So feel free to add me.  Here's how:

  1. On the Activity App on your iPhone, tap the Sharing tab
  2. Tap the + and enter  (this is the email I use on my iPhone)
  3. Tap Send and I'll accept all requests

You can then see my rings and vise versa.

And you can send me positive comments or sledge after an activity (and vise versa)

Watch out for messaging

If you send or receive a message after an activity and it is sent as a text message rather than an iMessage (or even a MMS email with the text message attached - yes I know quite bizarre but I have experienced it), then you need to make sure the contact info is correct for you and the other person.  If this happens with me, let me know and I'll send over my contact card.

Are the Rings worth tracking?

After wearing Apple Watch since the first version, I've only recently started taking the rings seriously with Series 3.  

Why? Clearly they are not a replacement for a structured training programme for a triathlon, but what I think is useful is they can represent a base level of activity to achieve even on your rest days, and used as a simple fun supplement to you structured plan.

I have mine set to around 800 active calories a day which is easily surpassed on a day with at least 90mins activity planned, and achievable on a rest day with some longish walks, or maybe a bit on a stair-stepper or easy treadmill at the end of the day.  Keeps me ticking over.

And though the "coaching" system is easily mocked, I have in fact found the watchOS 4  reminders, fireworks, messaging and activity badges fun.  YMMV but they certainly don't do any harm  Even the initially laughable Stand goal ("oh year that's going to make me fit") I have come to respect as a reminder to get off my seat and away from the computer screen every hour during the day.

There is more to come on using the Workout, Health and Activity apps in future blogs - there is actually a lot of stuff in that trio so stay tuned.

Don't forget - add to your shared Workouts :)

UPDATE: As reported in my post here there is a limit of 40 people you can share workouts with, and I have now reached that.  This means I can't accept any other people to share with, without dropping someone else - a bit of a pain.  Hopefully, Apple will increase that limit at some point in which case I'll update this.  

You can however still follow me on StravaTwitter, or Apple News :)