Beeline - who make a cool navigation device for bikes wrote a piece about me on their blog :)


I use my Beeline all the time for navigating on my Brompton around London - including some reasonably epic 30-40k commutes.  And my daughter uses one to get around London on her scooter.  It's a cool device well worth checking out.

I've even occasionally used it on my road bike - I enjoy it because it's simple, has massive battery life, and is waypoint based rather than turn-by-turn - which is sort of refreshing when you want to enjoy the freedom of just cycling to a destination, but are not too stressed about the exact route you want to take to get there.

Anyway, they liked the fact I was using one and asked me if they could write an article - of course, I said yes, and the result is below :)  (tap the image)